I am Adi Tenea,
a developer who likes to type code.

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About me

My name is Adi Tenea, I am an entry level developer and a gamer who likes to type code. My programing story starts in highschool when I had the first touch with c++, from this point I learned many thing and I did many projects finding continuously new objectives.
My portofolio is growing every day and includes web applications, web pages, games and more.

Experience and Learning

My jorney in programing was marked by some milestones, some of those are projects, but in this section I will speach about the other ones which are the studies and the work experience.

Work Experience

Data Integration | SugarCRM Mar 2021 - Present

On this position I'm learning continuously new things about data integration. Beside integrations, which are did in a nice tool using js, I'm doing a lot of stuffs like automated tests, bash and powershell scripts, little tools and more.

Web Developer | Hold-Marketing Mar 2020 - Aug 2020

On this time I worked with a good friend on web apps projects in ASP .NET Core for some nice clients.


Advanced Techniques for Information Processing | University of Craiova Mar 2021 - Present

Computer Science | University of Craiova Mar 2020 - Aug 2020

In university I learned the basics of the computer sience and I continued the programing learning process started in highschool. When I was student I did many projects, I learned many things and I got my first position in a company.


I consider the reality is relative, we can know just what we seen or deducted, then I consider the skills are relative too, especially because the technology are in a quick change and the skills need to be improved continuously.

This schema is designed by my perspective and have as primary scope to show the difference betwen my schills, not the level of those.

Programing skills

Web Develpment

70% Complete
Video Games Development

70% Complete
Data Integration

70% Complete
Automated Tests

70% Complete

Programing Languges


90% Complete
Java Script

80% Complete
HTML, CSS and Bootstrap

70% Complete

70% Complete



70% Complete

70% Complete

70% Complete


My developing experience learned me the success is based on the collaborations between passionate people. If you want to collaborate or just to sent me an opinion, question or suggestion here can be found my linkedin account and an email form.